LEMAX® TARGET-X - heavy duty weapon light designed for .50 caliber/12.7mm M2 Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) and Grenade Machine Gun (GMG).

During the construction and design of the new LX50W TARGET-X weapon light, we have used the most up-to-date technologies and knowledge, which allowed us to decrease the size and the overall weight. Low weight (less than 2 kg) allows the TARGET-X to be used with a standard Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-913), which is a part of every modern weapon. The reflector may be used with weapon systems up to .50 calibre HMG (e.g. Browning M2, DShK, etc.) and for automatic grenade launchers.



  • Remote control power cable includes replacement handle for Browning M2 with integrated switch
  • Magnetic Battery Holder for BB2590 allows quick connect/disconnect of the battery from a vehicle; battery can be charged in place.


  • Detachable Carry Handle
  • Protective Cover Bag


  • 3D Mount for Armored Vehicles – adjustable angle


  • 3200 lumen or 5300 lumen weapon light unit
  • Impact and temperature shock resistant Borofloat lens
  • Hinge-integrated Infrared filter for covert scenarios
  • External Power cable connects directly to any 24V DC (12V DC optional) power supply in a vehicle, helicopter or boat
  • Picatinny rail mounting

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Technical specification

Luminous flux: 3200 lumen (35 W)
Luminous flux: 5300 lumen (50 W)
Power supply: 12V or 24V DC
Water resistant: Yes
Beam distance*: 1100 m (35 W)
Beam distance*: 1450 m (50 W)
IR filter - yes
Weight: ~1,9 kg
Length: 212 mm
Height: 130 mm
Width: 141 mm
Diameter: 115 mm
Highlighted area has been designed with respect to the human eyesight ability. Without adjustment of the light cone it illuminates optimally the whole area human eye can embrace. For longer distances – more than 1000m-1200m, binoculars are recomended. LEMAX® TARGET-X can penetrate fog or smoke using various types of filters.

Standards / certification

  • LX50W NSN 5855-16-006-8441
  • Protecting case NSN 5855-16-006-8443
  • IR filter (850nm) NSN 5855-16-006-8442
  • Battery holder NSN 6160-16-006-8481
  • Power cable NSN 6150-16-006-8480
  • Vibration and shock certified
  • CE certified
* ANSI / NEMA FL-1 2009 standard for flashlight testing


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