LEMAX products use users around the World in hundreds of applications!

  • USA, Canada, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, and many professionals in other countries... Norway, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, South Africa, Kenya, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, ...


Powerful beam from one searchlight equals light from 2 cars headlights!

chlumec sm baba lemax lx70 superpower 1800m

inthepark bagr pumpa


How to use LEMAX searchlights ...

divers3 forensic1 photographer1

fisheries1 hvl maintenance1 infrared ops1

lumber mining1 lumber mining freezing1 mine safety1

mine safety2 mining1 mining2

mining acrtic1 police1 port security2

port security1 port security3 railways security1

divers2 wreckdiving2 forensic2

rangers1 rangers2 photographer2

routine safety check1 safety 2 SAR1

secure anchoring1 special forces1 special forces2

special forces3 special forces4 army1

army2 border patrol2 fire fighters1

extreme conditions1 armytent1 disaster management1

critical infrastructure2 extreme conditions2 border patrol1

border patrol3 customs1 border security1

disaster management2 critical infrastructure1 fire fighters2

caves1 divers1 wreckdiving1

safety 1 critical infrastructure3 divers4

target x 1 target x 3 target x 4 

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